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What is unboxed?

Unboxed products are unused products whose seal has been opened but are verified to be fully functional by our team of experts.

Why is the seal opened?

These products are mostly opened by the customers who subsequently return them possibly due to wrong shipping or other personal preferences. In other cases, these may be the display units that retailers use for demonstration. In all these scenarios, sellers cannot sell the item as new as the seal on the package is already broken. Hence, these products are sold as unboxed.


How is unboxed different from used?

While unboxed products are typically unused, the outer packaging or the box which holds the product may display some cosmetic damage. That said, each product is quality-certified and comes with manufacturer or OverTrust warranty of varying duration. These products are certified by our experts using proprietary
technologies prior to shipment.


What are refurbished products?

These are the products which may have technical glitch(es). The products get inspected for defects and are restored to their original working condition by either the manufacturer or our repair experts. These products might display minor signs of wear and tear, but are perfectly functional.

Is there any warranty on refurbished products?

Yes, each product is quality certified and comes with an original manufacturer or OverTrust warranty of varying duration.


Why buy refurbished?

Refurbished products save you money without compromising on quality. Furthermore, these items go through rigorous inspection and are safe and reliable.
Looking for a checklist before buying refurbished products?

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What are restored products?

These are pre-owned products which have been handpicked after an extensive testing process. These products go through a 5-step quality screening process and get overhauled cosmetically by our team of experts to give an “as good as new” experience. Each restored device comes with a premium quality USB data/charging cable and 6 months of OverTrust walk-in warranty available across 60 centers throughout the country.

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What is excess stock?

As the name suggests, these are the surplus products. Excess
stock practically includes brand new products which may be
nearing the end of their shelf life, but are fresh and in pristine


What are pre-owned products?

Pre-owned products may have external scratches and cosmetic
damages which undergo comprehensive inspection by our QC
experts to ensure full functionality. These products have
OverTrust warranty coverage of varying duration.


Other FAQs

Will I get customer support on refurbished/unboxed/pre-owned products/excess stock?

Yes, we provide full customer support on all our products.

For which categories refurbished/unboxed products are available?

We offer multiple products across various categories like mobiles, accessories, consumer electronics, and many more in refurbished, unboxed, pre-owned, and excess stock.

How can I return refurbished/unboxed product?

The 7-days return policy has now been extended to 15-days. To know more read here.