What do you certify?

Being skeptical of preowned products is a natural reaction. We understand the risks associated with it. That is why we ensure that all preowned products listed on our site meet our quality bar before being shipped off to you.

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All mobiles and tablets are run through a 72-point check for quality. Data on these parameters is stored for each product.


Based on the check, the product is provided a quality score . Sometimes, the product will be sent back by our quality check team to be refurbished or replaced. Only products that score higher than a certain benchmark are passed on to the buyer.


All video games are tested for visible scratches and marks. Products with even the slightest scratch are console tested to ensure that the software runs with-out issues.


Scratch removal kits are used to remove cosmetic scratches from affected DVDs. Video games that meet the certification standards are bar coded to track where each product is coming from.