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You Lose Up To 150% More When A Product Comes Back To You.

When a customer returns a product, it typically sits in your dead inventory lot, takes up space, and blocks your working capital. This can result in 1.5X the cost of the original product.


    We do all the inventory management, the quality-checking, the warehousing, the refurbishment, the sales, and the remittance. Well, everything.


    Dead inventory does not belong in your warehouse. We integrate with your reverse logistics team to ensure proper triage and disposal of your bad inventory for maximum recovery of value for you.


    We do not buy products outright from you: this helps us avoid inventory risk and allows us to pass off the most realization value for your products. You can realize up to 80% of the original value of the product when you work with us.

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Who Are We?

We are a team of enthusiastic entrepreneurs with global experience and diverse backgrounds. We work with the biggest retail clients to help solve their inventory problems and are supported by the biggest names in the private investment space.

Why is this a problem?

  • In India, $5-$25 million worth of products are returned every month to ecommerce and offline retailers. Some ecommerce retailers face return rates of as high as 25%. Not only does this make bad business sense, but also hurts the company bottomline. But as you focus on growing your business, you should ideally not be bothered with setting up a separate infrastructure to liquidate bad inventory. You can always liquidate products in bulk through the unorganized market, but such distress sales lead to far lower realization value for your precious products--and negatively impact your bottomline.

  • With the typical problems with infrastructure and logistics in India, along with a focus on customer satisfaction, returns management will be key to building profitable businesses. At the same time, it is obviously unwise to dedicate talent and money to managing bad inventory. Wouldn't it be nice if someone just took the entire hassle off you, but was still able to get you great valuation on your products? We help you maintain an inventory of your returned products. We take them off you and warehouse them in our facility--then quality check every product and refurbish anything that needs fixing.

  • We then sell it through our marketplace, or through our network of offline retailers. Our marketplace helps you get over 33% more realization value for your products than a planned bulk sale. You also get free access to our online returns management system that tells you the status of every product picked up from you, all the way until it gets sold and money is remitted to you. What's more important is that you receive a professional team handling your account. We know your products are important to you, that you are trusting us with valuable inventory, and that you expect timely updates. If anything, between a real-time dashboard and a professional team, you will find us over-communicating than under!

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